New year, new plans – a printmaking journey


A new year brings new beginnings, and therefore I decided that this year would be the year I finally gave my artistic pursuits a go. I’ve always been creatively minded, loving to mess around with charcoal pencils and paint. I’m always dreaming up new imagery, which I can then replicate on paper and canvas.


Recently I’ve begun experimenting with printmaking – linoprinting to be exact. I find myself entranced by the planning, thoughts, and physical work which goes in to every unique print. The vibrant colours of oil-based paints is a constant source of inspiration and fun. I love doing colour studies, and creating custom colours for all my prints. The slithers of lino which gathers on your table as you carve your image is another satisfying part of the printmaking process. Though the process sometimes brings aches to your wrists and shoulders, the final result of a project is always worth the effort.


This is my printmaking adventure, where I strive to make unique prints, in limited editions (numbered and signed). My inspiration lies largely with the vastness of the cosmos, ancient mythologies, and small, every day moments. I love the different textures and shapes around us, which I rutinely try to capture with macro photography. If you are interested to know more about me, please visit my “About” page. You can also find ways to contact me on my contact page. Thank you for sneaking a peak at my work!


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