Creating a print: a work in progress


It’s always a challenge to design a print. I have multiple steps to creating a print, which involves sketching, scanning, editing, and colouring. All of this happens on my computer, usually before I’ve even touched the lino.

But for this particular print, I’ve come a bit further. I’ve actually managed to carve out the image, and make a test print with water soluble ink (such a pretty marbled effect it created!). The name of this print is “my world revolves around you”. It’s a cute twist to a popular phrase, which usually says the opposite, and a sweet message to relay to anyone important.

The final print will be available in sizes A6, A4 and possibly A3. It’s been difficult to determine which sizes I should print my artwork in, since there is such a variety in tastes and preferences. But for the most part I will determine the sizes after, how well it compliments the print.

If you are interested in some of the tools I use to create my pieces, I have written a blogpost about them. You can read that here. While you’re there, tell me, which tools are your favourite?


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