Laki by BYLJA


Laki by BYLJA – Inspired by Iceland

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to help out the new duo BYLJA with some cover art for their debut single “Laki”. The music in inspired by the beautiful nature of Iceland.


We wanted the design to incorporate volcanoes and sine waves, and found a way to make a pretty mash up of those elements. The colours, which are inspired by a photograph by NASA, were custom mixed with Caligo Safewash Relief Inks. Despite having four different colours, I’ve managed to make the final product a mono-print by cutting the lino in to pieces, applying the ink, and thereafter placing them together for a print.

To see the final, finished image, check it out on my portfolio here.



The duo consists of electronic musicians Emil Johansen (Phonie) and Marchel Mørk (March the Moon). They describe their music as “melancholic, ambient house music with great inspiration from the wonders of nature”. It’s an amazing track, which brings you loads of summer vibes.

If you want to see more from this electronic duo, you can find them on the following sites:

Facebook here – Soundcloud here – Instagram here.

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