Phonie – Beyond the Dot EP


Phonie – Beyond the Dot EP

I’ve started out this year by creating the artwork for upcoming musician Phonie, who creates ambient electronic music with spacey vibes. The artwork I created is for his debut EP, which is titled “Beyond the Dot”. The idea was to create a visual storyline, which would go perfectly with the musical storytelling of the EP.


For listeners, Beyond the Dot is a musical journey through space, which begins with signals emitted from the constellation “Orion”. The signal continues though the Universe to Earth’s atmosphere. On Earth the signals are heard among the people, before they continue out beyond the planet, hence the name “Beyond the Dot”. You should definitely give it a listen! It has been a pleasure to contribute my art to the project, and it will always be on the list of my favourite projects.


See the story

The graphics I made consist of 4 different art prints, which together create the storyline for the EP.

You can find the completed artwork in my portfolio here. The visuals are showcased along with accompanied text written by Phonie, where you can also find out more about his musical concept.



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Listen to the “Beyond the Dot” here.



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