Mixing and matching

One of my favourite parts of beginning a print, is deciding the colour scheme  and doing colour studies. Earlier in life, when I mostly used charcoal pencils only, I didn’t have the opportunity to play around with colours. Insted I had to focus on the value of different nuances of greys. That’s why linoprinting has become such a joy for me.

When I need to decide on colours for a print, I’ll usually find some reference photos on my Pinterest to print, and then I’ll try to replicate the nuances with my paints. It’s a timely process, but I enjoy every second of it, and love to see how mixing with basic colours can bring about every shade in the rainbow.



I always use Caligo Safewash relief inks. I have a little kit, consisting of basic colours – “Black”, “Opaque White”, “Process Blue (cyan)”, “Process Red (magenta)”, and “Process Yellow”. With these colours you can create pretty much every nuance (the only colour I have a problem getting “true” is shades of brown, meaning if I ever wanted to create true beige tones, I would probably have to supplement my kit with Caligo’s “Raw Umber”.


Below is a photograph taken whilst creating the “my world revolves around you” print (size A6). Find the print in my portfolio here.


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