Makro #2 – Mini – Bubblegum

119 kr.


Size: 12.6 cm x 17.5 cm

One colour lino print, printed on 280 g/m2 white cardstock.

Limited edition of 50 PCS.

All lino prints are made and printed by hand. Because of this, the colour, hue and placement can differ slightly from print to print. All prints are signed and numbered.

Note: Frame NOT included


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Linoprinting is a method of block printing, where the design is carved by hand into a piece of linoleum. When the design has been carved, printmaking ink is rolled onto the linoleum with a brayer. Lastly, the design is transferred to paper either by manually pressing or with a printing press. Linoprinting creates unique artwork, where every print in an edition will be slightly different due to the printing process.

The series is based on the artists macro photography – capturing textures and details of everyday objects and rendering the photos to a final print. From photo to stencil to lino to print, the final product is a true, organic representation of original photographic imagery. The Makro #2 print is created from a photo of dried bark flaking off of a tree under the warm summer sun.

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