The values
Sustainability when creating

I believe, it is the responsibility of retailers everywhere, to be concious of the effects of waste in regards to manifacturing, packaging, and shipping.

Though small businesses like local printmakers produce far less waste than any greater, established retail chain, we are all inevitably part of the unsustainable cycle of wasted materials, plastic packaging, and products that are easily replaceable.

I strive to produce imagery that hopefully will stand the test of time, as well as commiting to the following pledges with my work:

  • Bye bye plastic

Single-use plastic is the largest contributor to plastic waste in our environment and in our oceans. A lot of single-use plastic is created for packaging of products, from toys to books to furniture.

papir will not unnecessarily contribute further to the plastic epidemic, and the prints you recieve will therefor never be wrapped in plastic. It is my hope, that I can stay as close to 100% plastic-free as possible – and should the need for plastic occur, I will strive to find re-cycled, re-cyclable and/or biodegradable solutions.

  • Save that paper
    Though paper is usually biodegradeble, waste is waste regardless. In the printmaking process, there are often mistakes or mishaps, resulting in unusable prints. So where should this paper go?

I’ve made a concious decision to save all of the paper “waste”, that would usually be discarded to be thrown out. For an artist, re-cycling paper can happen in your very own home/ateliér, and I am hoping to introduce unique prints in the future, which will be printed on equally unique, homemade, re-cycled paper.

  • Quality of materials

Art can quickly become unsustainable if the materials are poor. I use high-quality, oil-based inks to ensure that my printed images stay beatiful and vibrant for years, and to prevent issues with fading and cracks in the paint.

For all of my prints, I also use acid-free, lightfast art paper, which contains cotton fibers for durability. The archival quality of these papers means that the paper won’t experience yellowing as it ages, and it is fit to store for long periods of time without being damaged. The paper is usually with a weight of 160 gsm, which gives it a sturdy and luxorious feel.

The combination of high quality materials equals longevity of the prints, and ensures that your art prints will remain beautiful.