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Just a paper girl, in a paper world

How it all began

The story of Papir begins and ends with paper. The material is beautiful, tactile, and diverse, and creates limitless possibilities for its uses, allowing the artist to create art pieces and papercrafts with both old-school, tried-and-tested techniques (like printmaking), and newer mediums (like paper clay).

After many years in an artistic slump, Viveca Johansen decided to try linoprinting, and discovered a true love for the medium. After showcasing a few designs and small projects on her instagram, she took the leap and decided to create a brand, centered around art and paper crafts – and her love of paper.

Papir truly had it’s beginning as a brand in the middle of 2021 with a few select designs of colourful linoprints, and with moodboards and sketchbooks full of future designs for art and objects. The beginning of Papir was art prints, but the Papir world has grown to include homemade stationery and objects of paper clay. 

Meet viveca johansen

Viveca Johansen is a young danish artist living on Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

Throughout her life, she has always created art, mostly inspired by her love of everyday details, like interesting textures, eyecatching colourways and the simplicity of moments of pause. 

Her work is also a reflection of her love of the feminine, astrophysics, and pleasing compositions of shapes and colours. The life and creations of an artist is ever changing, and currently her biggest inspiration is the shifting colours of the sky, along with the colourful gradients of changing seasons. 

The artist

The sustainable approach

a circular process

Papir is a colourful playground, where Viveca gets the opportunity to play with ideas, dreams and visuals, all while maintaining her standards for quality, sustainability and product development. From the beginning of Papir, there has been a focus on the sustainable approach to creating, and a dream of finding and maintaining low- to zero waste methods in all her processes.

It’s the opinion of the artist is, that it’s the responsibility of retailers everywhere to be concious of the effects of waste in regards to manifacturing, packaging and shipping. Though local printmakers and small businesses produce far less waste than any greater, established retail chain, we are all inevitable part of the unsustianable cycle of wasted materials, plastic packaging, and products that are easily rendering unusable. 

Papir commits to sustainable practices, and upholds the following principles:

Quality of materials

Bye bye plastic

Save that paper!

GUNGUN designshop

Kompagnistræde 25, Kld., 1208 Copenhagen K

Since May 2022, Papir has been a member of the design collective GUNGUN, which has a beautiful storefront in the center of Copenhagen.

Along with artprints, stationery and paper clay objects from Papir, you can find ceramics, illustrations, skincare, clothing, paper flowers and more 
– all handcrafted locally by other talented, danish designers.

Visit the store